GOT7 Confessions
Anonymous: Is this confession blog active? :)

nope, sorry for being inactive but it’ll be back again soon :)

Get well soon JB, JR, & Youngjae. Love you guys!!!

Bambam looks a lot like Jungkook from bangtan boys.

They just debuted and their fandom name is called “Gotcha” it’s official funny thing is, is that Exo hasn’t stated if Exotics are their fandom name. Damn these boys are moving quickly

I simply adore the way BAMBAM’s and Mark’s Instagram is. Because by the things by post they seem like normal boys also they text in English. I hope they make it BIG!

Damn I love JB’s hair.

Bam Bam’s favourite word is definitely ‘amazing’ and it is so cute omg

I think Jackson, Jr. and Bam Bam will do well in variety.

Jackson’s English is asdfghjkl. Jackson is asdfghjkl.

Main vocal Youngjae is super mysterious and in the background right now. Looking forward to see him blossom.